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RECESS: To be or to shoot? Walking away from a photo opportunity because ‘its the right thing to do’

'You can tell as much about a photographer by (the photos) they don't take as what they do,' says John Donegan, contributor to the new photographer's book without photos which has been featured in the New York TimesNew YorkerTIMEWall Street JournalGuardianWiredPhotograph, and Artnet.

In it, they speak up about all those times they put down the camera or walked away. Whether for fear of being an accomplice to or inciting crime or not wanting to add more pain to a bereaved woman to carrying the body of her dead child, wrapped in a carpet, through the dehumanising experience of Israel’s main crossing point into Gaza, Michael Bowers and John Donegan, two of Sydney’s most accomplished press photographers have been there and have these stories to tell…

Listen to a cringingly raw, yet light-hearted and insightful interview with ABC’s Linda Motram:


Hunt down ‘Photographs Not Taken’ at your nearest book store. It’s worth a read.