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Roll Call Announcements: TOUCH DOWN IN CANBERRA!

I’m sitting all cosied up at ‘The Front’ cafe in Canberra. I’m here with all the incredible individuals that make up the Child Rights Taskforce, led by UNICEF and NCYLC.

We’ve gathered the troops, and we’re here to put forward our collective voice in asking the parliament to Listen To Children. We’re all here in Canberra for a parliamentary event called ‘Listen To Children: a voice that matter’ held in celebration of the introduction of a National Childrens Commissioner. The Child Rights Taskforce have invited MPs and political leaders from a broad range of areas, encouraging them to HEAR the voices of our children.

To give you a bit of context, the National Children’s Commissioner Bill passed barely 48 hours ago (meaning its a done deal, guaranteed), the United Nation’s Concluding Observations from the Review in Geneva earlier this month have just come out last week (this means we now have no misgivings as to what exactly the UN thought of how Australia is protecting and advancing the rights of its children). Just yesterday, The Age Reported that according to the UN ‘We fail on child rights’. Click here to read that article

CEO of UNICEF Norman Gillespie and head of NCYLC Mathew Keeley as well as members of the Taskforce will be imparting their wisdom and vision for the NCC - I’m so excited about hearing their thoughts no doubt I’ll be scribbling down notes and quoting them on twitter @JanChildRights so watch this space! 

I’ll be participating in a Youth Panel Discussion specific to the National Childrens Commissioner. The Youth Panel Discussion will be led by Canberra based ABC Journalist Stephen Dziedzic. He’ll be holding a discussion with Benson Saulo (Former UN Youth Ambassador) and Mujitaba Ahmadi, (Youth Representative from ChilOut) and myself! 

I’ll  be keeping you posted via:The Blog


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Look forward to hearing your thoughts! x

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